Wednesday, 28 October 2015

BOSL - Petit Chat - Regan

BOSL Fashion Week - Horror
Proudly presenting - the Regan Dress by Petit Chat.


Psychiatrist: Is there someone inside you?
Regan MacNeil: Sometimes.
Psychiatrist: Who is it?
Regan MacNeil: I don't know.
Psychiatrist: Is it Captain Howdy?
Regan MacNeil: I don't know.
Psychiatrist: If I ask him to tell me, will you let him answer?
Regan MacNeil: No.
Psychiatrist: Why not?
Regan MacNeil: I'm afraid.

Continuing with the Horror theme - this iconic outfit from the movie features Regan at her most demonic best.
This mesh dress comes in a blood or non blood version and in several sizes. It is accessorized with a crucifix collar, hand held cross and a crown of thorns.
Dress by Petit Chat - Reegan
Model by Noya - Pippa
Hair by .:EMO-tions Windblown
Skin - Reaggan - Market Place
Eyes by adeyaka- The Exorcist
Nothing to wear for that Halloween Party this weekend....look no further! After all, Regan was a hit at her party - just ask the astronaut!
Location : DD Haunted Halloween - go and trick or treat with the family!

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