Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Designer Showcase - Ghee & Loovus - Cocktail Hour

Designer's Showcase event for December is almost done. Another year almost over and a new year about to begin. It looks like a really exciting year coming with the new Bento - maybe lots of new designs and opportunities for the many talented designers out there.

It's that time of year when parties are in full swing. As every girl knows, you need that little black dress for any occasion. Well, Ghee have come out with this pretty cocktail dress that will suit any party! With it's mid-thigh split skirt and fitted top with a hemmed fringed waist that makes it appear as a two-piece.
Available in the following colours and sizes: Aurora, Charcoal, Clay, Forest, Orchid, River, Shark and Taupe and Fitmesh standard 5 sizes, Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

The heels are by Loovus. With cute lace straps (easy to tie too!)...they come in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink and in Airy Blue, Aurora Red, Bodacious, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Potter's Clay, Riverside Blue, Snakeskin, Spicy Mustard and Warm Taupe.

Cocktail Dress by Ghee – Eva – Charcoal
Shoes by [Loovus] – Azken Heels – Sharkskin

Hair | TRUTH - Ami
Jewellery| Chop Zuey – Kinshi-Bai – Necklace & Earrings - Champagne
Head | Genesis Labs – Eva - Bento
Body & Feet | Maitreya - Lara
Skin | Genesis Labs – Eva - Tiramasu
Hands | Vista - Bento

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Designer's Showcase - Legendaire - Thascya

Designer's Showcase event for December is on from 5th December until 31st December. Santa's been and gone today and left lots of goodies for all the good little girls and boys! I know you were good - Santa showed me the list when I sat on his knee!

I asked for coal...compressed to diamonds of course...and some new fashion. Along came this...the Thascya outfit from Legendaire.

This set comes with a top, overalls, sneakers and hair (not shown). The overalls come in two colours and the top and scarf have HUD's for 8 texture changes each. Sneakers come in Maitreya and Slink. Top and overalls come in Classic, Maitreya, Slink & Belleza.

Overalls, Top, Scarf & Sneakers by Legendaire – Thascya
Hair | ARGRACE - Shirabe
Lips | Alges’Design – Qork – Light Pink
Lashes | Izzie’s – Mesh Lashes
Body | Maitreya - Lara
Eyes | Mayfly – Luminous – Hazel Shadow
Eyeshadow | Alge’s Design - MK Soft Liner Black
Skin | .::WoW Skins::. - Amber  2016 Tan
Hands | Slink - Elegant
Nails| DaneMarkZ – Triple Trouble

Location: Pandora Resort

All I got for Christmas was...Moondance Boutique - Serenity

Christmas Time is here...

Moondance Boutique free gift for everyone until 26th December - no group tag required.
Serenity - necklace, 2 earring sets. bracelet and two rings. Emeralds above and Diamonds favourites!

There are 2 gems available to change with a total of 20 precious and fashion jewels to choose from pls 7 metals. Mix and match for that perfect look...and free too! Hurry in - gone after Boxing Day!

I did get some other stuff from Santa...but I can't show you them...(smiles)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

All HE wants for Christmas is...Moondance Boutique - Trenton

Sometimes a girl likes to put on her man's shirt and feel close to him...the musky smell of aftershave and man...well why not try the tie! Hey - the ring and the earrings too!

Moondance Boutique presents...

A free gift for everyone - from 24th December - 26th December - this is available at the main store. No Group required.
One gift for men and one for women.
Trenton - jewellery and clothing for men!  Features watches, rings, earrings and tie.
The gems are the 2017 Spring colours. So many options with metals and gems and opals...this will keep you busy for a bit!
Merry Christmas from Trinana and Moondance Boutique

Friday, 23 December 2016

Marvelous Monthly - Posh Pixels - Noelle

The first Noelle....
The Angels did say....
Was to make ladies pretty....
On Christmas Day...
...Noelle by POSH PIXELS

The December event for Marvelous Monthly is almost over. While that means Christmas is upon certainly crept up...there is still time to rush out and do that last minute gift shopping. And where better that at the designer's offerings at this months event.
"...Do you wanna build a snowman?..."
Perfect for the evening gala or that Christmas dance is the Noelle gown by POSH PIXELS. The strapless evening gown is accented with a sparkly/silvery pattern. The dress comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha and a HUD that gives 10 colour changes. There is also a Bow attachment that comes in 10 accented colours.

Also available as part of the many items presented at the event by POSH PIXELS is the Destiny hair. It comes in rigged or lolas and there are Darks, Gingers, Lights, Wild Ombres and Naturals available.

Gown by Posh Pixels – Noelle – Delicate Florals
Hair | Posh Pixels – Destiny

Necklace & Bracelet| Chop Zuey – Heart & Soul
Lips | Glamorize – Everyday Makeup – 8 and Alge’s Design Glow Helena Rev1
Lashes | Izzie’s – Mesh Lashes
Body | Maitreya - Lara
Eyes | IKON – Ardent Eyes - Platinum
Eyeshadow | diva! Eyeshadow -2 – green and Alge’s Design - MK Soft Liner Black

Skin | .::WoW Skins::. - Amber  2016 Tan
Hands | Slink - Elegant
Nails |  alaskametro<3 – Beauty – Turquoise