Saturday, 17 December 2016

2106 Winter Showcase - Art for Arts sake...

Team Diabetes of Second Life presents the 2016 Winter Showcase from 8th - 18th December 2016. The event features over 80 designers and artists combined with fashion show, art show, Reindeer Hunt and lots of entertainment.

Winter's Breath

Feature Artist: 
JolieElle Parfort
ART DREAMS STUDIO                                                                                     
Taught by Masters from the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts.... Jolie's  style and techniques blossom with color and sensuality.  Her work is post -Impressionist and Fantasy. Additionally Jolie earned a dual B.A. in Art Studio, Art History and received a state Teacher Certification in Art Education K-12.  After many rewarding years teaching Art in public schools Jolie is happily exploring new worlds in digital arts.                                                    ~*~
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Jolie says..."My work in virtual/digital art is a new direction in a long art career. I am classically trained in plein-air technique in real life and studied intensively to painting from life, be it portrait, still life or landscape.  I started showing in public shows at the age of 19 and that same year worked as a sidewalk portrait artist for Walt Disney World. In the next few years I was often involved in instruction of drawing and painting as well. It was then I decided to complete a university degree in Studio Art and Art History combined with a state certificate in Art K-12.  I taught many wonderful children in many schools, mostly inner city. After finding myself retired I discovered an extremely enjoyable virtual world with my new computer and became immersed in Second Life. In this world the landscapes and tableaux available seem never ending and various;  there is always a new scene or setting to challenge me and to capture."

 Jolie's Booth at 2016 Winter Showcase

While there - check out some of these fantastic pieces and artists...these are just a few that caught my eye.
Forget me Not - Bamboo Barnes
Tram - Cubito Smit
Flight of the Bumblebee - Rosy Highwater
Cicada Construct - Warm Clarity

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