Saturday, 24 December 2016

All HE wants for Christmas is...Moondance Boutique - Trenton

Sometimes a girl likes to put on her man's shirt and feel close to him...the musky smell of aftershave and man...well why not try the tie! Hey - the ring and the earrings too!

Moondance Boutique presents...

A free gift for everyone - from 24th December - 26th December - this is available at the main store. No Group required.
One gift for men and one for women.
Trenton - jewellery and clothing for men!  Features watches, rings, earrings and tie.
The gems are the 2017 Spring colours. So many options with metals and gems and opals...this will keep you busy for a bit!
Merry Christmas from Trinana and Moondance Boutique

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