Thursday, 8 September 2016

Moondance Boutique - Chelle

The beauty of choice! With Moondance Boutique all the jewellery has multiple options to change the gems, pearls, metal colour and therefore the overall look.
The Chelle set is no exception. With 10 choices for both Pearl set and 7 for the metal the permutations are large!. Each choice compliments or contrasts the other colour - be in in bold or pastel shades.

Here I have shown 3 different colour options - blue, pink and green - with different looks etc. As you can see, the sophisticated elegance of the jewellery can enhance any outfits and is perfect for that evening gown or off the shoulder look.

Included in the set are Bracelets (L&R), necklaces, Pearl Cluster ring (L&R), Pearl Drop ring (L&R), Solitaire Pearly Drop Cluster earrings, Solitaire Pearl Drop earrings, Solitaire Pearl earrings & Solitaire Pearl rings (L&R). Wow....that's a lot!
And where can you get these right now? The set is available at Designer's Showcase which runs until 30th September.

Necklace, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets by Moondance Boutique – Chelle

Nails by DaneMarkZ – Seismic

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