Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cerri's RosaLee Platinum Gown

This is my favourite gown and I wear this as often as I can when I want to feel feminine and glamorous.

Every time I have the urge to dance at some selected spots in SL this is my go-to outfit.

I have a thing for glitter and this satisfies my cravings in so many ways. The fit, the shape, the flow of the gown and the accessories just go together so well.

Even though I wear this a lot, I must get either a compliment or a request every time as to where to get this dress and of course, I always share the good news!

This is called RosaLee - Platinum version by Cerridwen Lynagh, designer and owner of Cerri's Booty. Her collection of glimmer and shimmer gowns should be checked out and I recommend them for your collection.

Outfit by Cerri's - RosaLee - Platinum
Hair by A&A Hair Designs - Desiree
Earrings and Necklace by CoconutRevolution - CR-Sensation
Model by Noya - Pippa
Skin by Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica
Blush by Amacci - Runway Blush
Eyeshadow by Ricielli - Diva Makeup
Eyeliner by ::DS - Stellar
Lipstick by Glamorize - Today Makeup
Nails by ZOZ - Silver Swirl

Stands by PosESioN


Feeling like a Million Lindens....and check out this great location, Da Vinci Garden, it is quite beautiful.

Location:  Da Vinci Garden

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